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Welcome to the new SIG-OWNERS.com

Postby admin » Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:42 pm

I'll admit, I'm relatively new to Sigs in general. To be frank, they were always too expensive for me. I only received my first one this past year. It was an MK25, anchor and all - beautiful. Since then I've been addicted, systematically trading almost every handgun I own to feed my Sig affinity. For that very reason, and like any other firearms owner, I was quick to search the internet for anything and everything I could find on Sigs.

Before the MK25, however, I was a long-time S&W M&P owner, and the M&P forums were fantastic. All the modifications I was doing to my M&Ps, anything I needed to know, I could find online in one of the awesome M&P forums. I'm also active on AR15.com and Snipers Hide, so I know how much fun a resource like that can be for its members. That said, when I began searching for a good Sig forum, there wasn't much available. In fact, I only found two. Of those two, only one seemed at all interesting. Regardless, it was miles from my old M&P forum, and even a few Glock forums I had spent time on before I got into M&Ps.

Enter SIG-OWNERS.com. I realize it will be hard to get this thing going from scratch. At least, any other forum I've moderated started that way - S-L-O-W. I think, however, with a good social media push through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts maybe - just maybe - we can make something cool.

Thanks for checking us out, and we hope you join.

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